Italians Fermi Set Provide Peta-Scale Power


Italian Fermi HPC

The Italian Ministry of Education University and Research has announced an upgraded Fermi System that will be installed in Spring and operational in August 2012. This computing power will become available to all European institutions part of PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe).

there is a growing demand from national and European academia, research institutions and industries for peta-scale computing capabilities.

Marco Lanzarini, Director of Cineca

It will consist of :


Fermi Replaces exsting IBM P6 

Architecture: 10 BGQ Frame
Model: IBM-BG/Q
Processor Type: IBM PowerA2, 1.6 GHz
Computing Cores: 163840
Computing Nodes: 10240
RAM: 1GByte / core
Internal Network Network interface with 11 links →5D Torus
Disk Space 2PByte of scratch space
Peak Performance 2PFlop/s

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