Teradata join the Hadoop Party - Data Warehousing no-longer a Data Graveyard

Data Warehousing used to be be the place were legacy data went to die. Now Big Data means that the data warehouse has become the center of online data analysis and a key part of strategic direction.

Teradata is now blending it's Hadoop “best of breed component” approach that honors the best component developers with a well engineered package. This includes:

  • A fabric-based networking backbone from Mellanox InfiniBand
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, NetApp and Intel's Xeon processors.
  • Software to allow analysts to browse and move between Teradata and Hadoop data for business intelligence.

The Teradata Enterprise Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop Access supports Hortonworks and Cloudera.

Teradata SQL-H, which blends Hadoop with standard SQL databases. SQL-H, which supports Hortonworks, is designed to allow analysts to query data anywhere it resides.