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Financial HPC


Financial Libraries

  • QuickFix C++ and QuickFix Java The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is a messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions. FIX is a public-domain specification owned and maintained by FIX Protocol, Ltd (FPL).


Execution Management Systems (EMS)

  • UNX’s Catalyst EMS is a .NET and WPF is a EMS serves as a comprehensive electronic trading workspace solution, the functionality of which is defined specifically by the workflow of the trader. Windows can be easily synchronized and docked. Columns and fields can be configured, sorted and filtered by the trader in real-time.

UNX’s Catalyst EMS can create tailored solution. At the same time, counterparty broker-dealers who are destinations on the UNX Network can easily build and/or integrate their own proprietary products and services with little to no interference from UNX, bypassing unnecessary costs and achieving faster time to market.

content being converted for the following systems

  • Wombat
  • 29West
  • Onetick
  • KDB
  • Xenomorph

Execution Gateways

  • TradeFix TradingScreen's multi-broker order routing engine via a FIX gateway configuration. Allows the use of a permanent connection to each of its counterparties.

Order Brokers

Mixit Murex Paladyne
Simcorp Sophis SS&C Antares
Sungard Asset Arena (Decalog) Sungard Front Arena Thinkfolio
Tradar TradeStation Xnet
Advent Moxy Bloomberg POMS Calypso
Charles River Development Citco Axeo Derivation
Ezecastle FIX Flyer FMO
Imagine Latent Zero Linedata Beauchamp
Linedata Services Longview MacGregor XIP


Financial Education Education - UK

  • Data Sim Financial Training providing Distance learning options
    About 3,000 per course:
    • Computational and Quantitative Finance in C++ (full course)
    • Advanced Finite Difference Method for Quantitative Finance: Theory, Applications and Computation
    • Distance Learning - Computational and Quantitative Finance in C++ (modules 4 - 6) Distance Learning
    • Distance Learning - Mathematics for Quantitative and Computational Finance - Analysis, Algebra and Numerical Methods Distance Learning
    • Advanced C++ - Programming Models, boost and Parallel Computation Distance Learning
    • Distance Learning - Advanced C# for Computational Finance and Derivatives' Pricing Distance Learning
    • Distance Learning - C++ and its Application in Finance