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2011/03/17 10:17 Richard Donovan Is Arm the new black - Calxeda to offer a 480-core ARM Server Arm is popping up in all types of smart devices but it is not commonly seen in high-end servers. However Calxeda 480-core, low power server in the works. With energy and space becoming critical data center criteria, Calxeda can claim a factor of 10 reduction in costs and a 5x, or even 10x performance gain over what is currently available , , ,
2011/10/20 06:38 Richard Donovan Arm ushers in a a New Big (and little) Paradigm The UK-based mobile chip giant Arm announced a smaller, cheaper, more efficient Cortex-A7. It's efficiency is due in part to the 28nm process that makes it five times smaller than the current offerings like the Cortex-A8. , , ,
2012/07/30 01:24 Richard Donovan 192 Core Server that Consumes only 5 watts of power!! Boston Viridis have started to ship the create a rack mountable 2U server cluster that uses the ARM® based Calxeda EnergyCore™ SoCs (Server on Chip). This server comprising 192 processing cores leading the way towards energy efficient hyperscale computing. , , ,
2012/09/09 13:53 Richard Donovan Video of Dell's Arm based Server Dell are showing off a prototype ARM-based server platform. These servers as one would expect are high density (48 servers in 3U) and use 50 percent less power than comparable x86 devices. While not currently not commercially available there is a developers platform designed to seed an ecosystem for ARM servers. , , , ,
2012/11/05 03:32 Richard Donovan 64 bit Arm Steamroll gets Industry Backing (Windows, RedHat, Java) Red Hat, Oracle, Cloudera and Citrix all announced development plans for 64-bit ARM hardware. And Linaro said it had kicked off a multi-vendor effort to develop some standards around Linux on ARM. , , , ,