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2011/07/12 03:44 Steven Algieri JPMorgan Chase - On Demand Risk Analysis - amazing use of FPGA's JPMorgan Chase has a massive amount of data to analysis on a constant basis, especially around risk and fraud detection. In the presentation below, they take us through their reasoning and usage of FPGA's, over other technologies such as GPU's. ,
2011/12/16 02:37 Steven Algieri JPMorgan's new FPGA Supercomputer JPMorgan has once again deployed a new FPGA-based supercomputer to help in it's efforts to process and analyse data. The previous supercomputer was used to speed up batch based processes, specifically around the end-of-day risk calculation. They claimed a time reduction from 8 hours to 238 seconds (a reduction of approx 99.2%). , ,