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2010/07/12 13:40 Richard Donovan Hadoop is Big, I mean really BIG Hadoop, for those not up on it, is a top level Apache project. That means it's right up there with the Apache Web Server in terms of importance. Hadoop allows you to distribute data-intensive applications across many nodes. These nodes can scale across many machines and sift through peta-bytes of data very quickly. ,
2012/02/02 01:00 Richard Donovan Old SQL is now New SQL with Google's MoreSql Perhaps paving the way for traditional SQL Vendors, Google's researchers published a paper describing Tenzing, a query engine built on top of MapReduce. Remarkably for Google this is a less disruptive technology since Tenzing supports a mostly complete SQL language syntax with some extensions. , , ,
2013/03/07 00:48 Richard Donovan Intel Releases their own Speedier Hadoop Intel has released its own version of open source software platform Hadoop. This version naturally supports optimization at for intel based processors to boost performance (and sell more intel servers). It will also include Intel Distribution for Pentaho’s range of analytics software, bringing new data mining, analysis, interactive reporting and other capabilities to the distro. ,
2013/04/16 06:26 Richard Donovan Teradata join the Hadoop Party - Data Warehousing no-longer a Data Graveyard Data Warehousing used to be be the place were legacy data went to die. Now Big Data means that the data warehouse has become the center of online data analysis and a key part of strategic direction. ,