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2010/05/22 15:24 Steven Algieri GPU Processing goes mainstream For years, GPU processing (the use of high performance video cards for general purpose computing) has been the preserve of academic and niche commercial research. As the tools have improved, the march towards this technology has become more pronounced. , , , , , ,
2010/05/26 00:57 Steven Algieri Disposable HPC Nodes Via our Twitter feed, we read an interesting article by Douglas Eadline, Ph.D. In the article Douglas makes the argument, based on a linked research paper, that the use of lower cost, lower power nodes would enable an organisation to move to a Recovery Orientated Computing (ROC) platform. , , , ,
2010/06/01 02:19 Steven Algieri HPC FlashForward - Nvidia, Mellanox and Intel [Die shot of Aubrey Isle silicon. Aubrey isle is the codename of the silicon chip included the 'Knights Ferry' Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture development platform.] We've been a great fan of the FlashForward series, which finished it's current series in the UK last night. Trying to guess what the writers have in store for us, having already told us, is an interesting challenge. , , , , , ,
2010/11/30 01:39 Richard Donovan British Company Dezineforce offers High Performance in the cloud or in a box Dezineforce, which has its roots in the University of Southampton, aims to bring high performance computing to the UK and Europe through two offerings. It is offering a cloud based option as well as a 'black box' appliance to be hosted within the business. , ,
2010/11/30 02:24 Richard Donovan Intel Not Going to Quit the GPU Acceleration Race Nvidia has been making significant in-roads into the high performance supercomputing market, making the GPU acceleration almost implicit in the latest generation of it GPU's. By contrast, Intel has struggled to land the same sort of dominance it enjoys in the processor market in the GPU market. , ,
2012/02/02 04:00 Richard Donovan Manchester University to head up UK's HPC Collaboration Efforts With funding from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the University of Manchester is heading up a large interdisciplinary network focusing on numerical algorithms and high performance computing. , , , , , , ,
2012/02/22 06:32 Steven Algieri Europeans push funding for Exascale Computing The global race to Exascale computing but the worlds governments recieved a boost last week, when the European Union released a statement on it's current approach. The European Union said last week that it would double it's investment in it's push for Exascale computing, according to an article in ComputerWorld. This would bring the funding to EURO1.2B from the original EURO630 million. , , ,
2012/03/05 13:48 Richard Donovan Bangalore Gets in the Fastlane with India's Fastest Supercomputer Bangalore has been named as the host for the the yet-to-be-named high-performance computing system will be used for genome informatics, geo-science informatics (earth, ocean and atmosphere) and engineering sciences (aerodynamics of planes, development of smart materials and computer-aided drug design). ,
2012/03/09 05:52 Richard Donovan Italians Fermi Set Provide Peta-Scale Power The Italian Ministry of Education University and Research has announced an upgraded Fermi System that will be installed in Spring and operational in August 2012. This computing power will become available to all European institutions part of PRACE (the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe). , , , , , ,
2012/03/26 00:47 Richard Donovan UK Enterpoint offers Desktop Supercomputing with 6 Spartan Processor PCIe board The UK Company Enterpoint has started offering the Merrick 6 with 6 Spartan FPGA processors on a single PCI board that runs on a single 12V power supply it This product should be very popular for applications requiring intense computing from engineering CAD, rendering to bit coin mining. , , , , , ,
2012/09/09 13:53 Richard Donovan Video of Dell's Arm based Server Dell are showing off a prototype ARM-based server platform. These servers as one would expect are high density (48 servers in 3U) and use 50 percent less power than comparable x86 devices. While not currently not commercially available there is a developers platform designed to seed an ecosystem for ARM servers. , , , ,