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2010/05/22 15:24 Steven Algieri GPU Processing goes mainstream For years, GPU processing (the use of high performance video cards for general purpose computing) has been the preserve of academic and niche commercial research. As the tools have improved, the march towards this technology has become more pronounced. , , , , , ,
2010/12/22 09:50 Richard Donovan Munich to switch on Europe's fastest supercomputer Munich will soon become the proud new owners of Europe’s fastest supercomputer. The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Munich has announced the order of the SuperMUC, a massive supercomputer that will run at 3 , , ,
2011/02/14 01:21 Richard Donovan IBM to help China build a city for Cloud Computing IBM will be one of the companies help China to build a city-sized cloud computing and office complex that will include a mega data center, The entire complex will cover some 6.2 million square feet, with the initial data center space accounting for approximately 646,000 square feet. This allows China to have the economics of scale as well as centralized control while still offering could resources. , ,
2011/05/31 02:57 Richard Donovan The Long Road Back - IBM valued more than Microsoft for the first time in 15 years In an amusing aside it was interesting to IBM's capitalization over taking Microsoft for the first time in 15 years.On the 25th of May IBM briefly passed 205.2 billion dollars to Microsoft's 203.82 billion. , ,
2012/06/18 01:01 Richard Donovan US Recaptures the Super Computing Lead The Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL ) put America in the lead with new installation called Sequoia. This pushes the IBM creation to the worlds fastest supercomputer in the world. It is clocking a 16.3 PFlops the Linpack benchmark. , , , ,