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2010/05/24 08:30 Richard Donovan Java (JVM) Processor Affinity - A Quick Hack With muti-processor/muticore systems now ubuitious it is unfortunate that Java does not provide JVM launch with core or processor affinity. Most operating system now have commands to support this feature: , , ,
2010/07/19 14:58 Richard Donovan SGI's aggressive push breaks the boundaries of JVM performance SGI showed of their brand new Altix UV 1000 system, letting it be known that they have broken the current record for performance on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation’s SPECjbb2005 benchmark, a standard measurement of Java-based application performance. , ,
2011/04/12 14:07 Richard Donovan Twitter Boosts Search Performance 300% Drops Ruby on Rails for Java Lucene Twitter search serves over one billion queries per day. The unfortunate tsunami in Japan caused such search query load as users experienced significant delays. About the same time Twitter released their latest search technology (Blender) based on Java/Lucene. As a result Twitter were able to see a 300% drop in most search times and significantly the CPU load on front-end servers was cut by 50%. , , , , , ,
2012/10/09 03:48 Richard Donovan Event Driven Java with Vert.x Node.js has taken the JavaScript developer world by storm allowing fast non-blocking JavaScript to be deployed server side. Vert.x provides much of the same functionality (and speed) as node.js with support for multiple languages - , , , ,
2013/01/10 07:22 Richard Donovan Vert.x Red Hat and VMware "in active discussion" The Vice President of Engineering at Red Hat/JBoss (Mark Little) and Alexis Richardson, senior director at VMware made a joint statement of vert.x the exciting async non-blocking java framework. Little says that both Red Hat and VMware are , , , ,