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2010/05/24 08:30 Richard Donovan Java (JVM) Processor Affinity - A Quick Hack With muti-processor/muticore systems now ubuitious it is unfortunate that Java does not provide JVM launch with core or processor affinity. Most operating system now have commands to support this feature: , , ,
2010/05/25 01:34 Richard Donovan Jato - an open source JVM aiming at better performance Jato is an open source JVM developed by Pekka Enberg, Tomek Grabiec Arthur Huillet and Eduard-Gabriel Munteanu. That aims at better performance especially at start time Early versions of Jato are available in 32-bit x86 versions of Linux (the processor will handle SSE2). Unlike the (hot)spot compiling of the Sun jvm, Jato provides compilation on the fly ( just-in-time ) for the whole of the code. This provides good performance even at la… , , , ,