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2010/05/25 01:34 Richard Donovan Jato - an open source JVM aiming at better performance Jato is an open source JVM developed by Pekka Enberg, Tomek Grabiec Arthur Huillet and Eduard-Gabriel Munteanu. That aims at better performance especially at start time Early versions of Jato are available in 32-bit x86 versions of Linux (the processor will handle SSE2). Unlike the (hot)spot compiling of the Sun jvm, Jato provides compilation on the fly ( just-in-time ) for the whole of the code. This provides good performance even at la… , , , ,
2011/08/02 14:05 Richard Donovan pNfs - Something Tasty Baked into the New Linux 3 Kernel I totally missed that pNfs got baked into the new Linux 3 Kernel. PNfs or Parallel Network File System is a huge boost in Network File system access. While the headlines often get written by micro second performance increases in micro processors users (or programs) often wait seconds for data to be loaded of disks. , , ,
2012/02/07 14:07 Richard Donovan $25 Raspberry Pi Linux box outperforms iPhone 4S GPU Some times good things come in small packages. We've loved the idea of the low cost Pi Linux box since it was announced. The promise of allowing people to create the next generation of technology that is muti-core clusters and smart networked was really compelling. , , , , ,