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2010/07/12 14:10 Richard Donovan New NoSQL entrant MemBase .. looks hot !! As regular readers, and our customers will know, we've been quite smitten with NoSQL databases, and MongoDB in particular, for quite some times. The combination of speed and flexibility perfectly matches the type of problems we solve on a daily basis. SQL DB's such MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL would provide limited scaling in these sorts of problems. , , ,
2011/02/09 13:45 Steven Algieri NoSQL Merger - CouchOne + Membase = CouchBase Exciting new yesterday, as it was announced that two big open source NoSQL heavyweights had decided to join forces. Both teams showed that they were each dominant in seperate but complimentary areas of the database space. We can really see the synergies from where we sit, having worked with a number of NoSQL solutions for a while. , , ,