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2011/04/13 05:08 Richard Donovan Viking Modular Fusion Memory and SSD Aims to Shake up How we See Memory Viking Modular is showing of a new SSDs that plugs into DDR3 memory slot. [ ] SSDs will be optimal for compact or blade servers where space is limited. The memory wont beat top end memory speeds but the not too shabby 520 , , , , , ,
2011/09/02 02:16 Richard Donovan Micron's 20 times faster memory modules Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube - HMC modules have demonstrated speeds 10 times higher than current DDR3 memory modules where DDR3-1600 is capable of data speeds up to 12.8 gigabyte per second and promises up to 20 faster. , ,
2013/04/10 05:32 Richard Donovan Here Comes the Cube!! Super memory “Resistance is futile ..!!” The major leading memory makers, namely Micron, Samsung and Hynix are co-developing the technology development efforts backed by the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium (HMC). The technology, called a Hybrid Memory Cube, will stack multiple volatile memory dies on top of a DRAM controller. , , ,