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2010/05/17 13:57 Steven Algieri MongoDB and Morphia Performance Internally we've been looking at using for a number of projects. Of course one of the areas of concern when moving to to a NoSQL data store is performance and accessibility. To this end, I started looking at how best to persist our Java Objects in MongoDB. There were a number of options to consider: , , , ,
2010/05/25 01:34 Richard Donovan Jato - an open source JVM aiming at better performance Jato is an open source JVM developed by Pekka Enberg, Tomek Grabiec Arthur Huillet and Eduard-Gabriel Munteanu. That aims at better performance especially at start time Early versions of Jato are available in 32-bit x86 versions of Linux (the processor will handle SSE2). Unlike the (hot)spot compiling of the Sun jvm, Jato provides compilation on the fly ( just-in-time ) for the whole of the code. This provides good performance even at la… , , , ,
2010/12/22 05:43 Richard Donovan GPU performance can it now Conquor the Database? GPU programming gained ubiquity in 2010 with nearly all new super computing complexes introducing full or partial gpu solutions. Now we are seeing the reach of GPU computing extending into other areas including the Database/Data Warehousing and Data Mining. In addition new conference has been launched including the first , ,
2011/04/13 05:08 Richard Donovan Viking Modular Fusion Memory and SSD Aims to Shake up How we See Memory Viking Modular is showing of a new SSDs that plugs into DDR3 memory slot. [ ] SSDs will be optimal for compact or blade servers where space is limited. The memory wont beat top end memory speeds but the not too shabby 520 , , , , , ,
2011/04/18 00:50 Richard Donovan New High Performance Real-Time Data Streaming Protocol STREST is a new open source protocol and server from Wiredset, STREST is HTTP-compatible and is designed for real-time data streaming. The protocol was developed as part of creating the the real-time social media analytics service , , , ,
2012/06/10 14:47 Richard Donovan Need for Speed on Android - Intel and Open Source Developers Boost Performance Android is rapidly a power player and some would say the default OS in embedded, mobile and the tablet space. With the launch of Intel's powered Android phone we are starting to see the heat turned up as Intel brings their expertise to bear improving the platform and no-doubt criticising the non-Intel mobile processors. At the same time the Open source community are contributing real performance gains of , , ,