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2012/09/12 08:59 Richard Donovan Southampton University build a Raspberry Pi Cluster While the media may be calling this a 'super computer'. The Pi Cluster built by Southampton University will not be breaking any benchmark records. It does however provide a valuable low cost model to develop clustered and parallel computing for students and engineers. It also demonstrates how low power Arm is eating into new markets including now the educational space. , , , , ,
2012/10/17 01:49 Steven Algieri Parallella - Crowdfunding Processor Development For years, the development of CPU and custom add-on's was the virtue of huge, well-financed institutions. Intel for example, spent $2.4b in 2011 on R&D. However, with the advent of fabless chip manufactures, and better design tools, the age of the crowd-funded processor is upon us. , , , ,