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2010/05/26 00:57 Steven Algieri Disposable HPC Nodes Via our Twitter feed, we read an interesting article by Douglas Eadline, Ph.D. In the article Douglas makes the argument, based on a linked research paper, that the use of lower cost, lower power nodes would enable an organisation to move to a Recovery Orientated Computing (ROC) platform. , , , ,
2010/06/28 14:28 Richard Donovan 4 Cool Super Computing Technologies Perhaps not the sexiest side of super computing but increasingly power and heat is it's biggest problem. Here are 4 new takes on reducing power and heat in the server room. IBM individually cooled server doors , , , , ,
2011/03/17 10:17 Richard Donovan Is Arm the new black - Calxeda to offer a 480-core ARM Server Arm is popping up in all types of smart devices but it is not commonly seen in high-end servers. However Calxeda 480-core, low power server in the works. With energy and space becoming critical data center criteria, Calxeda can claim a factor of 10 reduction in costs and a 5x, or even 10x performance gain over what is currently available , , ,
2011/04/13 05:08 Richard Donovan Viking Modular Fusion Memory and SSD Aims to Shake up How we See Memory Viking Modular is showing of a new SSDs that plugs into DDR3 memory slot. [ ] SSDs will be optimal for compact or blade servers where space is limited. The memory wont beat top end memory speeds but the not too shabby 520 , , , , , ,