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2010/07/19 14:58 Richard Donovan SGI's aggressive push breaks the boundaries of JVM performance SGI showed of their brand new Altix UV 1000 system, letting it be known that they have broken the current record for performance on the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation’s SPECjbb2005 benchmark, a standard measurement of Java-based application performance. , ,
2012/06/15 01:11 Steven Algieri SGI releases new UX Supercomputer on Hawkins I know it makes it sounds like SGI have set the dogs on the estimed Prof Stephen Hawkins. In fact, they've allowed his group the first access to the new hardware. Packing upto 4,096 cores and 64 TB or memory, it's hoped that the new UX class will bring supercomputer power in a more manageable form , , ,