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2010/12/08 09:36 Richard Donovan US Supercomputers are being used to police the Internet Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are using the Jaguar supercomputer to analyze Internet traffic, looking for clues that will lead law enforcement officers to sources of illegal content, including child pornography. , ,
2011/12/16 02:37 Steven Algieri JPMorgan's new FPGA Supercomputer JPMorgan has once again deployed a new FPGA-based supercomputer to help in it's efforts to process and analyse data. The previous supercomputer was used to speed up batch based processes, specifically around the end-of-day risk calculation. They claimed a time reduction from 8 hours to 238 seconds (a reduction of approx 99.2%). , ,
2012/06/15 01:11 Steven Algieri SGI releases new UX Supercomputer on Hawkins I know it makes it sounds like SGI have set the dogs on the estimed Prof Stephen Hawkins. In fact, they've allowed his group the first access to the new hardware. Packing upto 4,096 cores and 64 TB or memory, it's hoped that the new UX class will bring supercomputer power in a more manageable form , , ,
2013/07/23 05:18 Richard Donovan Kickstarter $99 Super Computer Beings Shipping Adapteva announced that the first “beta” units of the 16 core 'super computer' are being shipped to the early kicstarter 'developer' backers. Other backers are said to receive their boards by summer's end , ,