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$25 Raspberry Pi Linux box outperforms iPhone 4S GPU

Some times good things come in small packages. We've loved the idea of the low cost Pi Linux box since it was announced. The promise of allowing people to create the next generation of technology that is muti-core clusters and smart networked was really compelling.

Raspberry is Pi Foundation's 700MHz ARM11 CPU $25 Linux computer. While much is speculated it is claimed that the Broadcom graphics hardware in the Raspberry Pi offers twice the performance of the iPhone 4S GPU and soundly beats NVIDIA's Tegra 2. What this means for experimental pipe-lined jobs is far from certain. So far the Pi computer has ben demonstrated running smoothly a H.264-encoded 1080p video.

We welcome any further informaiton regarding Pi's usage in experimental/hobiest custering, CUDA and other parallel activities. Email us at info@scalabiliti.com

Source : http://www.raspberrypi.org/