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University of Edinburgh’s Launches the next Generation of UK’s Supercomputing

University of Edinburgh’s Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) announced plans for the next generation of UK Super Computers for Science. This includes the combined power of the UK's HECToR and BlueGene/Q

The announcement included details on HECToR Phase 3 with a £13.9 million grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Professor John Womersley, Chief Executive Officer of STFC spoke of the prominance of High Performance Computing in UK Science.

“Supercomputers are the essential, behind-the-scenes tools that enable modern science. Whether you are analysing climate data from a satellite, designing a new medicine or looking for the Higgs boson, access to high performance computers is vital. These new computers will undoubtedly facilitate breakthroughs across the scientific disciplines, and lead to additional economic and societal benefits for the UK.”

The UK's BlueGene/Q and HECToR are both ranked at 800 Teraflops with approximately one Petabyte of storage.
They perform simulations across a range of scientific disciplines and are funded by four of the UK Research Councils, EPSRC, STFC, NERC and BBSRC.

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