Bangalore Gets in the Fastlane with India's Fastest Supercomputer


Indian on the HPC Map

Bangalore has been named as the host for the the yet-to-be-named high-performance computing system will be used for genome informatics, geo-science informatics (earth, ocean and atmosphere) and engineering sciences (aerodynamics of planes, development of smart materials and computer-aided drug design).

Rumour has it the supercomputer will deliver a sustained performance in excess of 250 teraflops. This is part of the 12th five-year plan (2012-’17), the Central Government has decided to allot approx 76 million (GBP) (120 million dolars) to propel India into the elite supercomputing club.

The current Indian CSIR-C-MMACS run around 24 T-Flops system. Over the next few years, “CSIR plans to upgrade their supercomputing capacity to 10 petaflops (10 x 1015 ),” said R P Thangavelu, coordinator,

Prof Samir K Brahmachari, director general of CSIR, suggested the Indian facility would play a crucial role in empowering data intensive scientific discovery and promoted data connectivity

“Today, all 40 CSIR labs in India are interconnected using the National Knowledge Network, which enables all scientists to access the supercomputing facility remotely. The new system would enhance the capabilities in areas such as genome analysis, weather modelling, computational fluid dynamics and the like,”