IBM's Watson AI heads for Wall Street

Watson Heads to Wallstreet

IBM's Watson that wow'd the public and geeks with it's performance on Jeopardy. Has some what inveitably, been quietly tuned for for use by Wall Street.

Michael Versace, head of risk research at IBM has said, “Analytics is the new core in competitive banking. The ability to efficiently and effectively exploit big data, advanced modeling, text analytics, in memory and real-time decisions across channels and operations will distinguish those that thrive in uncertain and uneven markets, from those that fumble.”

Watson the financial assistant will be delivered as a cloud-based service and earn a percentage of the additional revenue and cost savings it is able to help financial institutions realize.

Watson can comb 10-Ks, prospectuses, loan performances and earnings quality while also uncovering sentiment and news not in the usual metrics before offering securities portfolio recommendations. It can also monitor trading, news sources and Facebook to help a treasurer manage foreign exchange risk.