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Nvidia releases updated Nsight Eclipse-based IDE

Things are a foot at the GPU Technical Conference. And one of those things aims to make developing on GPU via CUDA a better experience.

Nvidia today launched an updated version of their Nsight development suite. This wraps the CUDA development SDK with an Eclipse-based IDE, providing a graphical debugger, inspector and code completion.

Additionally a new version of Nsight for Visual Studio has been released, bringing parallel debugging to a thousand thread programme.

Although we've used the previous version (what was Parallel Nsight Standard) there were always paid upgrades for certain functions. The highlight here is that the separate versions (Standard, Professional) are gone. Nvidia also confirmed that the tools are now free, which is great news moving forward.

We'll be investigating the changes over the coming months, and will let you know the impact they've had. If you have any direct experience that you'd like to share, let us know at info@scalabiliti.com.