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Need for Speed on Android - Intel and Open Source Developers Boost Performance

Android is rapidly a power player and some would say the default OS in embedded, mobile and the tablet space. With the launch of Intel's powered Android phone we are starting to see the heat turned up as Intel brings their expertise to bear improving the platform and no-doubt criticising the non-Intel mobile processors. At the same time the Open source community are contributing real performance gains of 30 to 100%

Enter Intel

Intel has recently criticized Android’s thread scheduler saying it isn’t up to the task of getting the best performance out of the new quad-core (and to a lesser extent, dual-core) processors. Being open source we hope Intel brings more than words and demonstrates Android performance improvements.

People are who are demonstrating real improvements are the guys over at Linaro

Open Source Linaro to the Rescue

The Linaro open source software project have tweaking Google Android to use the GCC 4.7 toolchain and “cleans up” Googles code to allow for better compiler optimization. This results in a performance improvement of between 30 and 100 percent faster than the (already speedy) Android 4.0 ICS.

The following video demonstrates the impressive performance gains:

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