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Bluffdale the Biggest Data Center you will never Visit

According to Wired the NSA have a new facility of staggering proportions.

Created in Bluffdale Utah, the new facility will have 25,000-square-foot(2322 sq meters) of server space.
ff_nsadatacenter_f.jpg The water storage no doubt for cooling is cabble of pumping 1.7 million gallons of liquid per day

The facility has it's electricity sub-station to provide 65-megawatt power . with an expected energy bill of $40 million a year.

The vast facility is designed to the explosion of data that needs to be managed with current estimates in the Yottabytes (A yottabyte is a septillion bytes—so and is currently the largest term of storage with no next higher magnitude.)

The facility is fed from a number of different sources some generating “20 terabytes of intercept data a minute”. This data then needs to be managed and turned into useful information including building complex social graphs.

All of which will no doubt spawn a new generation of research, tools and capabilities.