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Vert.x Red Hat and VMware "in active discussion"

The Vice President of Engineering at Red Hat/JBoss (Mark Little) and Alexis Richardson, senior director at VMware made a joint statement of vert.x the exciting async non-blocking java framework.

Little says that both Red Hat and VMware are “in active discussion” over how to support the project and options include the possibility of moving it to an open source software foundation. and it is seen as “an essential component to the success of the project”

In the wake of Little's statement, Apache Software Foundation President Jim Jagielski invited Fox and the vert.x community to, if they were interested, discuss moving vert.x under the foundation's structures. Fox himself, says that forking the project has not yet been ruled out. Fellow vert.x developer Stuart (Pid) Williams, said he believed that an “outcome that involves the minimum disruption, a single community and the support of both companies is preferable and achievable”.