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Internet Everywhere .. 3 more Ultra Cheap Computing Devices

Our Raspberry Pi's are are quietly working away as build monitors saving power and money.
3 more options that are popping up offering a variety of other features.

iStick A101

A android Wi-Fi capable matchbox sized stick, running a a 1 Gh processor and a USB slot. The key differentiation from Pi is that the iStick is Android based and support more than 700,000 apps through its customized Android operating system.

At $49, its price is nearly twice that of Raspberry Pi.but with a more powerful processor that can be used to render 3-D imagery at a higher speed and quality. On key limitation is the lack of the SD adapter.


The flexible Cubieboard runs Android or Linux operating systems, this $49 system with a 1 gigahertz processor, and either double or four-times the memory of Raspberry Pi (depending on configurations) and four gigabytes of storage, the Cutieboard is about as powerful as the first iPhone, at a fraction of the price.

Cubieboard's various ports (ethernet, HDMI, micro SD, and SATA slots, along with two USBs) . For example, connecting it both to an old SATA hard drive and to your company's ethernet hub, turns Cubieboard into a networked storage device.

APC Paper

The some what unique book like case makes ABC Paper a full-scale computer packed into an aluminum-lined recycled cardboard casing

The system is comparable to Raspberry Pi, with an 800 megahertz processor, 512 megabytes of memory, 4 gigabytes of storage, two USB slots, an HDMI output with resolution up to 1080p, an ethernet port, and room for expansion.