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China's $10Bn strategic move to create their own x86 processors

With Intel's eyes mostly focused on the mobile arena. China is moving strategically to seize some of the server processor
high ground. Latest IEEE presentations shows China is developing an x86-emulating Godson line of 64-bit processors?

Godson chip effort is one of 16 different projects, in fact, that are each funded with between $5bn and $10bn.

The initial Chinese Godson processor, Godson-1 32-bit MIPS chips running at a leisurely 266 MHz. Step forward a few short years and the Godson-3A chip is a 65 nanometer process running at 1 GHz to deliver 16 gigaflops and x64 emulation.

The chip has 425 million transistors, an area of 174.5 square millimeters, and burned only 10 watts under load. The chip included two 16-bit HyperTransport ports (licensed from Advanced Micro Devices), 4 MB of L2 cache, and two on-chip memory controllers that support either DDR2 or DDR3 main memory.