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Google+ scales using Google closure for Javascript (no sign of GWT)

Joseph Smarr, a technical lead on Google+ spoke regarding some of the network’s technical details in an AnyAsk interview.

According to Smarr, Google+ uses Java with Guice on the server side and the JavaScript relies heavily on the open source cross-browser Closure framework. Closure is a set of tools for JavaScript including a templating framework (soy), a JavaScript “compiler” which is really a JavaScript optimizer that rewrites JavaScript code to make it faster and more compact and a set of javascript ui elements similar to Extjs. Missing from the Google party appears to be the other google javascript framework GWT, which was used for Wave.

Smarr revealed for speed enhancement the Closure templates are often rendered on the server so that “the page renders before any JavaScript is loaded, then the JavaScript finds the right DOM nodes and hooks up event handlers, etc. to make it responsive.”

Storage and lookup is built on BigTable and Colossus, Google’s file system

Google has said they will reveal more of Google+'s technology in the near future.