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2011/02/14 01:21 Richard Donovan IBM to help China build a city for Cloud Computing IBM will be one of the companies help China to build a city-sized cloud computing and office complex that will include a mega data center, The entire complex will cover some 6.2 million square feet, with the initial data center space accounting for approximately 646,000 square feet. This allows China to have the economics of scale as well as centralized control while still offering could resources. , ,
2011/03/29 03:48 Richard Donovan LMU Munich - Cluster Experimentation with Apple Tv High Performance, multi core multi cluster experimentation can have high hardware costs and prove a serious barrier to entry. Enter the Munich University Apple TV Cluster project that aims to share and discuss software related to building collaborative, distributed computing using low cost low power Arm based processors. , , ,
2012/02/16 01:02 Richard Donovan University of Edinburgh’s Launches the next Generation of UK’s Supercomputing University of Edinburgh’s Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) announced plans for the next generation of UK Super Computers for Science. This includes the combined power of the UK's HECToR and BlueGene/Q , , , , , ,
2012/06/18 01:01 Richard Donovan US Recaptures the Super Computing Lead The Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL ) put America in the lead with new installation called Sequoia. This pushes the IBM creation to the worlds fastest supercomputer in the world. It is clocking a 16.3 PFlops the Linpack benchmark. , , , ,