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2010/06/01 02:19 Steven Algieri HPC FlashForward - Nvidia, Mellanox and Intel [Die shot of Aubrey Isle silicon. Aubrey isle is the codename of the silicon chip included the 'Knights Ferry' Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture development platform.] We've been a great fan of the FlashForward series, which finished it's current series in the UK last night. Trying to guess what the writers have in store for us, having already told us, is an interesting challenge. , , , , , ,
2010/11/30 02:24 Richard Donovan Intel Not Going to Quit the GPU Acceleration Race Nvidia has been making significant in-roads into the high performance supercomputing market, making the GPU acceleration almost implicit in the latest generation of it GPU's. By contrast, Intel has struggled to land the same sort of dominance it enjoys in the processor market in the GPU market. , ,
2011/03/29 13:31 Steven Algieri The Continuing March of SSD [200px] Intel today announced the refresh of it's SSD range of solid-state storage drives. The X25, the original Intel SSD has bit the dust, replaced by the new MLC-based drives. Of course, Intel haven't stood still, and as well as increasing capacity and speed (the drives are now based on the 25nm fab process), they have also managed to drop the price. ,
2012/11/22 02:44 Richard Donovan Intel's Petaflop 64 Core Pci Card Intel is facing much stiffer competition on the mobile and low power end from Arm and in the high end HPC from GPU vendors. As a result of purchasing the Qlogic infiniband team and Cray fabric teams, Intel have launched , , ,
2013/03/07 00:48 Richard Donovan Intel Releases their own Speedier Hadoop Intel has released its own version of open source software platform Hadoop. This version naturally supports optimization at for intel based processors to boost performance (and sell more intel servers). It will also include Intel Distribution for Pentaho’s range of analytics software, bringing new data mining, analysis, interactive reporting and other capabilities to the distro. ,