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2011/07/15 05:21 Richard Donovan Google+ scales using Google closure for Javascript (no sign of GWT) Joseph Smarr, a technical lead on Google+ spoke regarding some of the network’s technical details in an AnyAsk interview. According to Smarr, Google+ uses Java with Guice on the server side and the JavaScript relies heavily on the open source cross-browser , ,
2012/10/08 05:01 Richard Donovan Oracle Demos MySql 7.3 Cluster with Node.js and Nosql Oracle demo'd the MySQL Cluster 7.3 at the MySQL Connect conference. MySql is often the leading edge of Oracle's DB development and interestingly they have introduced integration with the open source Node.js JavaScript server. , , , ,
2012/12/17 01:06 Richard Donovan Oracle Embraces Javascript Announces 5x Speedup Engine Oracle's has release their details of Project Nashorn which will allow JavaScript to be embedded in Java applications and to develop standalone JavaScript applications. With the ubiquity of JavaScript engine there has been a badly needed refresh and a welcome report of five times speed up on performance than the current Rhino implementation and a much smaller footprint. , , ,
2013/05/14 00:38 Richard Donovan Latest Dart out performs "hand written" Javascript, still on one uses it Google released a new version of the Dart2js compiler, whose generated JavaScript which they claim outperforms a “hand-written JavaScript” in the DeltaBlue benchmark. Skipping for a moment the difficulty of defining ,