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2011/06/13 09:57 Richard Donovan China's Latest Supercomputer Online and Probing the Secrets of the Universe The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced that the Tianhe-1A GPU supercomputer is up and running and investigating complex molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. The 7,168 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs are being used to achieve 1.87 petaflops per second. The scientists simulating structure of crystalline silicon which is used in solar panels and other electronics. , ,
2011/10/29 09:41 Richard Donovan China's Latest Supercomputer is using Home Grown Chips Details are emerging of China's latest Super computer, called the Sunway BlueLight MPP. It was installed on September at the National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, China. It will use in part 8,700 ShenWei SW1600 chips. , , , , , ,
2012/02/03 01:11 Richard Donovan Super dense SeaMicro offers up 64 Xenon processors in 10RU Unit Super dense (Arm) servers is an area we have been tracking for some time. Now SeaMicro steps into the game, kick starting a super dense intel server. The SM10000-XE uses 1/2 the power, takes 1/3 the space, and delivers 12x the bandwidth of today’s equivalent servers. Packing 64 Xenon (256 2.4 Ghz cores) on a sandy bridge platform. , , ,
2012/02/16 01:02 Richard Donovan University of Edinburgh’s Launches the next Generation of UK’s Supercomputing University of Edinburgh’s Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) announced plans for the next generation of UK Super Computers for Science. This includes the combined power of the UK's HECToR and BlueGene/Q , , , , , ,
2012/06/18 01:01 Richard Donovan US Recaptures the Super Computing Lead The Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL ) put America in the lead with new installation called Sequoia. This pushes the IBM creation to the worlds fastest supercomputer in the world. It is clocking a 16.3 PFlops the Linpack benchmark. , , , ,