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2010/05/26 00:57 Steven Algieri Disposable HPC Nodes Via our Twitter feed, we read an interesting article by Douglas Eadline, Ph.D. In the article Douglas makes the argument, based on a linked research paper, that the use of lower cost, lower power nodes would enable an organisation to move to a Recovery Orientated Computing (ROC) platform. , , , ,
2010/05/27 07:55 Steven Algieri Who saw AAPLs market cap exceeding MSFT? Predctions when looking backwards are rarely wrong, unless you want them to be. With that in mind, Apples' eventual overtaking of Microsoft in the market capitalization stakes was seen enviable by many. But was there any indication that is was so pre-determined? , , , , ,
2010/06/28 07:47 Steven Algieri Free Live Financial Pivot Tables for Stocks and Indexes using Google Finance [Google Spreadsheets showing live data] Live data feeds (in general) cost money. Bloomberg Terminals costs are far beyond most non-professional investors' means. But slowly a data revolution is starting, with Google leading way. And the aim is to create the Poor Man's Trading Terminal. , , , , ,
2011/07/15 05:21 Richard Donovan Google+ scales using Google closure for Javascript (no sign of GWT) Joseph Smarr, a technical lead on Google+ spoke regarding some of the network’s technical details in an AnyAsk interview. According to Smarr, Google+ uses Java with Guice on the server side and the JavaScript relies heavily on the open source cross-browser , ,
2012/02/02 01:00 Richard Donovan Old SQL is now New SQL with Google's MoreSql Perhaps paving the way for traditional SQL Vendors, Google's researchers published a paper describing Tenzing, a query engine built on top of MapReduce. Remarkably for Google this is a less disruptive technology since Tenzing supports a mostly complete SQL language syntax with some extensions. , , ,
2012/06/10 14:47 Richard Donovan Need for Speed on Android - Intel and Open Source Developers Boost Performance Android is rapidly a power player and some would say the default OS in embedded, mobile and the tablet space. With the launch of Intel's powered Android phone we are starting to see the heat turned up as Intel brings their expertise to bear improving the platform and no-doubt criticising the non-Intel mobile processors. At the same time the Open source community are contributing real performance gains of , , ,