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2010/05/22 15:24 Steven Algieri GPU Processing goes mainstream For years, GPU processing (the use of high performance video cards for general purpose computing) has been the preserve of academic and niche commercial research. As the tools have improved, the march towards this technology has become more pronounced. , , , , , ,
2010/06/01 02:19 Steven Algieri HPC FlashForward - Nvidia, Mellanox and Intel [Die shot of Aubrey Isle silicon. Aubrey isle is the codename of the silicon chip included the 'Knights Ferry' Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture development platform.] We've been a great fan of the FlashForward series, which finished it's current series in the UK last night. Trying to guess what the writers have in store for us, having already told us, is an interesting challenge. , , , , , ,
2012/05/15 00:18 Steven Algieri Nvidia releases updated Nsight Eclipse-based IDE Things are a foot at the GPU Technical Conference. And one of those things aims to make developing on GPU via CUDA a better experience. Nvidia today launched an updated version of their Nsight development suite. This wraps the CUDA development SDK with an Eclipse-based IDE, providing a graphical debugger, inspector and code completion. , , ,